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Flat Roof Repairs Glasgow

Flat roofs can be an effective roof solution however they need attention, love and care. DG Roofing are experts in dealing with flat roofs on houses, dormers, garages and sheds and are experienced in both installation and repairs in Glasgow and West Scotland.

What Are the Problems Associated with a Flat Roof?

Flat roofing typically consists of a waterproof membrane which is applied on top of a horizontal base which is fixed to ceiling joists. Flat roofs are often seen as a more vulnerable covering than other alternatives such as slates. This is in part due to poor installation as is found in many UK flat roofs, but also because this type of roof tends to be more leak-prone and has a shorter life-span. 

Potential Problems

Unfortunately due to their design, traditional flat roofs commonly encounter problems which if left unattended can cause damage to the roof structure or in some severe circumstances even damage the interior of your property. Some common issues that you may come across:


If your flat roof has a leak it will typically be noticeable from the inside of your property and should be attended to immediately.


With flat roofs there is a lack of effective drainage which can cause rainwater to gather and sit on top of the roof for long periods of time. If the water is not tended to it can significantly damage the roof.

Wear and Tear

Regular maintenance will help your flat roof to last forever.

Repairs and Replacement

At DG Roofing we have experience in maintaining and repairing a variety of problems found in flat roofs. We use the latest materials to keep your property dry and safe. 

Materials We Use

  • 4.5 mm Green Mineral
  • 4 mm Index Torch-on
  • Lead
  • FR 10 Sealant

Garage & Extension Roof

Traditional flat roofs do often encounter the problems listed above however modern versions tend to be of better quality and can be a cost effective solution, particularly on garages and home extensions.

If you are looking for professional roofers to repair on install a flat roof why not contact DG Roofing today for free advice or a quote?


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